Getting your Approach Started

The first step is a crucial part of the bowling delivery. Getting the timing right to synchronize your ball and feet, as well as the direction, will make all the difference later on in the approach.

Getting Your Approach Started

After taking your starting position, the next step is the first step. Getting going properly is important, so here are some tips for a fluid start to your approach:

  • Use a trigger: Tap your ball with a finger, wiggle your elbow, or use any other small movement to help yourself transition from stationary to moving. Make sure the trigger movement has the same rhythm as your ball start.
  • Lean into it: Before taking your first step, shift your weight slightly forward to help gain early momentum and begin getting your body into the right position.
  • Focus on a cue: Try to keep a single thought in your mind to cue your movement, such as “smooth,” or “in line with the target.”

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